20+ Facebook Error Messages: Bugs and Known Problems


Facebook is a world best social networking Website which interact you with your friends & offers you many things like sharing videos, images, posts, links & many more .Millons of people created their accounts on Facebook & share their views daily.With the daily usage of facebook errors , bugs like problem occur.Here we share some Error Messages seen in Facebook.

1.I get an error using the Facebook sign-up confirmation email .(Click here)
2.I’m getting an error message that says my email address is invalid. (Click here)
3.It says there is an existing account associated with my email address. (Click here)
4.I receive a "password incorrect" error message, even though I know the password is correct (Click here)
5.It says my email is unregistered. (Click here)
6.I'm getting a "Facebook Will Be Back Soon" message when I try to log in. (Click here)
7.I get an "invalid link" error when I try to reset my password with the password reset link. (Click here)
8."Database Down" error message when trying to delete a post. (Click here)
9."Profile Unavailable" error or "Timeline Unavailable" when viewing a friend's profile (timeline) .(Click here)
10."Oops. Something went wrong" error. (Click here)
11."Operation Aborted" error. (Click here)
12."Done but with errors on the page" error. (Click here)
13."Database Write Failed" error. (Click here)
14.I have JavaScript enabled but Facebook is saying that it's disabled. (Click here)
15.I am getting a "Cookies are not enabled on your browser" error. (Click here)
16."AJAX Transport" error message. (Click here)
17."Memory Error On Line..." error. (Click here)
18."Stack Overflow..." error. (Click here)
19."Authentication Failure..." error. (Click here)
20."A validation error occurred" error. (Click here)
21."Bad Parameter..." error. (Click here)
22.I tried to import my contacts to Facebook but I was told that I entered the wrong password. (Click here)
23.My contact file or address book won't import to Facebook. (Click here)
24.I tried to import my contacts to Facebook but it says I have an unsupported email. (Click here)

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