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Last 2 months ago, my friend brought a new Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone .I am very happy & enjoy the party of new Smartphone.My mind completely entered into Smartphone because it has so many features & quality that I never forgetten in my life.After looking its apps & features ,I start writing some posts :

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But the one thing I never forget is "Smileys".Android smiley is completely new rather than other platform.Therefore I listed some Android simleys:

Smiling Android :-) android-smile

Winking Android ;-) Android wink

Sad Android :-( Android sad

Crying Android :’-( Android cry

Cool Android B-) Android cool

Kissing Android :-* Android kiss

Tongue Android :-P Android tongue

Angry Android :O Android angry

Angel Android O:-) Android angel

Gasping Android :-O gasping android

Blushing Android :-[ blushing Android

Money Android :-$ money android

Scared Android :-! scared android

Erm Android :-/ android erm

Grin Android :-D android grin

Confused Android o_O confused android

(Android Wub) :-X android wub

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Anonymous said...

Nice list! On my HTC Sensation I can go Menubutton -> Insert Smiley, so i dont have to type them, maybe you have this too?

In ICS there are new smileys simliar to these ones: Ka'ita-Hitam/Senyum @ http://www.rarlab.com/themes3.htm, rather then the old (and cooler) android faces.

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