How to Transfer Messages from Nokia to Android Phone


If you are planning to replace your Nokia phone with an Android device?.

Both Nokia and Android are built on different platforms therefore you can't directly synchronize all your Inbox messages of your Nokia device to your Android Device.Here in this post you see "How to transfer messages from nokia device to Android device".Just follow this steps correctly otherwise you lost the messages.Note that you should have Nokia PC Suite.

Procedure:How to transfer messages from nokia device to Android device

1.Firstly Installed Nokia Ovi suite then open it and click on Syc Messaging.2.After clicking on syn,the messages start sync with a progress as shown below.
3.After syc complete,a dialog box appear that show messages sync done.4.Close Ovi Store application by clicking on "X"mark on the window.

5.Now you have to installed Nokia2Android software Tool which help in the further process of transfering messages.It converts all SMS text messages from Nokia Ovi data files into an XML file format which is supported by SMS back up and restore application of Android.

6.Then Extract the zip file and then extract it to the desktop or any particular location.After extraction open Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe file.7.Click on exe file mentioned above,then you need to click on Convert tab as shown below.8.When you click on covert,a new XML file will be generated and save on you selected location where you have extracted the Nokia2AndroidSMS Software.

9.Automatically it finds all data stores created by Nokia Ovi and select the first one by default.

10.Now search an application called SMS Backup & Restore in Android Market and install it.

11.Connect the android phone to your PC and copy the .XML file into the SMS Backup & Restore folder on the phone exploring the phone via Computer.

12.Run SMS Backup & Restore tool from your Android Device and choose import option for transfering messages.

If you follow this steps correctly,then you are sucessfully transferred all your text messages from Nokia Device Your Android Device.

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iSlam2k said...

Thank you for the method.
but I followed all the steps,
the sync is done.. and the xml file is generated
but it's empty!
I don't know why

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