How to Reset your Android Phone to Increse Speed and Space


A reset of your Android device means you are restoring your software back to the initial state when you purchase it.This process increased your phone space and speed.Their are two types of reset option that is available for your Android device:
Soft Reset:
One of the easiest way to reset your phone is to format the SD Card and formats your phone to the default setting.
Hard Reset:
If above method is not working due to interruption or any other problems,then we use the Hard Reset method to reset your Android Device.This method includes some codes or procedure to format the data.This process is same as of reinstalling an operating system on your PC.The data on your SD card still remains you just follow another process to remove it.
The Hard Reset Method mentioned below just follow them:
1.Turn off you Android Phone.
2.Hold the Home and Red button for 30 sceonds until you see a triangle with an exclamation mark at the centre.
3.Now you have see the following options:
* ALT + L Toggle log text display between exclamation and menu options
* ALT + S Apply SD card Update
* ALT + W Wipe data and factory reset
* HOME + BACK for reboot of your mobile
You need to register your mobile phone when you use Hard Reset method.

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