Download Samsung Galaxy S II Live Wallpapers


Samsung Galaxy S II is recently launched by Samsung ,has some amazing and mind blowing features such as Dual Core Processor,8.49mm Slim Design,4.3" SUPER SCREEN AMOLED Plus,Live Panel,PC-like Web Browsing,Wi-Fi Direct,Samsung Kies 2.0 & Kies air,8Mb camera plus a lot of other things.Samsung Galaxy S II is available in two different flavours : 1.2Ghz Dual core and 1Ghz dual core.This availibility beat every other cellphone available in the market with almost every specification.

Now let discuss about a cool features of Samsung Galaxy S II is its new Live Wallpapers.Samsung Galaxy S II Live wallpapers revealed by XDA Member Rawat.Xda member has been able to extract some Galaxy S II live wallpapers and make them run on any android phone.Download and Install on your Android Device just like a normal apk file but it only works fine if your device has WVGA disdlay.

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