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Android is getting popularity in the market. This market is growing very rapidly as a result it is much more difficult and a challenging thing to search and find good applications from the bunch of bad one.In context of this here i am publishing this article which i find most worth and damn good applications. Hopefully you will find a number of new but most important the free one's which every one love to download.So just go on and have fun.

1. Cab4me
This application of Android takes your current location and feeds it into a database of nation-wide available cab companies, which allow you to order a cab pickup instantly with your current locations. Google Maps overlays also show areas of cities where you're likely to hail a cab off the street.

T-mobile setup a flash based emulator of their upcoming Android phone T-Mobile G1 which visualizes some of the functionality of the of the first Android phone. The emulator has its shortcomings like displaying the Android phone in the wrong size and some functionality is severely limited.

Taking those limitations aside the Android phone emulator does provide a good overview of some of the functions that the Android phone will offer. It is possible to get a first impression of the Google browser, Google maps and other functions like receiving calls, sms or mms. There is no real interaction with the emulator though. It is for instance not possible to use it to open any websites or actually call someone.

3.Store Browser
If you are considering getting a Google Android phone in the future – be it the only one available, the T-Mobile G1, or cell phones running the Android OS from other companies that have announced that they will support the platform – you might like to look at the Android application store to evaluate the existing applications. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Google Android cell phone is the application store which lists applications that can be installed on the cell phone.

The Android application store got some great feedback last year when the application competition ended which produced more than 1000 different applications for the Android phone. It is usually not possible to see what the Android application store has to offer unless you already have an Android phone. Not very practicable for evaluation.

Android Call Manager

4.Adobe Photoshop for android

Adobe has released a new version of photoshop specially for Android OS. This will help the users of google Android to do some basic image-editing with image editing tools and photo-sharing capabilities.

This app lets users crop, rotate and flip this images. The Soft Focus filter can be used to create a subtle blur effect, and for performing color adjustments such as exposure, saturation, tint changes, and classic black-and-white. read more....

Although we can access facebook by iphone,blackberry but recently google launches new app to access facebook by android.
It is one of the good application that i like most......

Essentially, you can view your wall, read your news feed, update your status and comment on posts you like the most.

Gaming Zone - Applications related to games in Android


The UNO Android App by Gameloft brings this classic game to the Android. The 3 modes that provided in the game are Quick Play, Tournament and Multiplayer. This allow the user to play against a friend or the against the computer. There are many options and different ways to play the game of UNO and this app allows you to do quite a few different things which makes for good replay value.

The graphics and animations are of very good quality.The controls are very easy to use as well. Simply drag and drop the cards that you want to use and press the “Draw” and “UNO” buttons with your finger on the display screen as needed. One thing that I would suggest that would make this already great game even better would be to add the ability to play other people online.

2.Farm Frenzy

The Farm Frenzy Android App by HeroCraft Ltd is a truly unique strategy game where you manage your own farm for the Android. With each level you will have to complete objectives. Each level has different objectives for example, on the first level you need to collect a certain amount of eggs. You do this by keeping the geese feed with grass. Once they lay their eggs you simply collect them by selecting them with your finger on the display screen. As you advance in the each level you will sell a number of things in the market to make more money. Also as you advance in each level upgrades will be available to you which you can purchase from the shop in the main menu where you select the next level.

The graphics for this game a very well done and very clean. As you play the game there is a tutorial showing you how to play which is very helpful. When new features, new animals, etc. are added to the game the tutorial will appear and tell you about them.


The Lumbricidae Android App by Amoneron is an accelerometer game for the Android. The object of the game is to help the worm navigate through the underground holes while avoiding the rising water. If you navigate the worm through the soil where there are no holes yet then it will take longer for it to get through so try to stay in the already dug holes. To start a new game select one of the circles with the different terrains in them and then press the start button with your finger on the display screen.

Read more.......


Colorix brings you one of the best puzzle games ever. More crazy than Tetris and more funny than Bejeweled! Experience the first game with 3D marbles rolling in an astonishing smooth animation. Check the free version and get addicted!

The Colorix Android App by Awesome Software is a puzzle game for the Android. The game is kind of like Tetris but the pieces are 3 orbs in a line. There is a tips and tricks section in the main menu as well as when you start your first game. I highly recommend that you take this tutorial before you play. One thing that I did not see in the instructions was how to change the position of the orbs. To do this simply swipe your finer on the display screen on the orb that you want to move and in the direction that you want to move it to.


TRAP is a puzzle game and is a latest application of android by Matt Wachowski. In this game we have to trap the balls by drawing lines which came in between its path. To do this you swipe your finger in an upwards motion to draw lines. The line needs to get to the top of the screen before a ball hits it or it will disappear. there are 3-d graphics which increase the level fun while playing the game.

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