Top 6 Websites to Get Best Videos from YouTube


On YouTube you can find many interesting, funny, scary and other kinds of videos. But, for finding one from the stack, you should be lucky. So what if the luck comes in a bundle and makes it easy for you to watch some of the interesting videos on YouTube?

Here are some websites that bring you best videos from YouTube. Checkout the funniest videos and try not to laugh while watching the videos.

Best YouTube Videos

In this site you can find the most funniest and the best videos hosted on YouTube specifically the Funny Accident videos. Anyone will laugh out loud watching this video.

Best of YouTune

You can see hundreds of best YouTube videos on this site. They have got some good collection of funniest videos and most rare video collection. For easy search, you can choose to see videos according to the time when it was posted and if you come across any video in YouTube which you think is great then you can post it on this site as well to share it with others.

Best Videos from YouTube

Some of the coolest videos on YouTube you can see them right in this site without the need of extensive search on the YouTube site itself. They have got some pretty decent collection of TV shows, concerts and other funny videos just for you to enjoy.

Funny YouTube Videos

As the title of the site suggests it host most of the funny YouTube videos. Most of them are really fantastic to watch and gives you a peace of mind when you are stressed up with your work.

YouTube Videos

You can check out the greatest YouTube videos on this site they are all arranged in archives according to the month of their release. On the left side bar you can see the archives just click on the archive than you can see all the great videos which are hosted on YouTube that month. Click on a video to play and enjoy the video.

100 best YouTube Videos for Teacher

Teacher can also learn something new to teach their students and YouTube also host hundreds and thousands of videos which are informative and good. In this site they have included some 100 videos which are informative and for the convenience of the users they have arranged the videos in categories such that you can choose the categories and watch the videos.

If you have come across any of the sites that share the best videos like the above mentioned, feel free to inform us in comments and we would be glad to update the list soon.

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