5 iPhone Applications ( App ) to send free SMS


Most of the young people would like to stay in touch with their friends via SMS. Even wireless carriers offer great deals and discounts on SMS packages to attract people to use more. It is estimated that people all over the world spend billions on SMS each year. If you have an iPhone with you then you need not spend a penny on SMS. Send SMS to your friends for free using free SMS applications for iPhone.

These applications will use your data plan to send free SMS. However you may be charged according to your data plan usage. But when compared to the total cost that you save amount you spend will be negligible. Check out these cool applications for iPhone to send free SMS.


There are two versions of this application Textfree Lite and Textfree Unlimited. Both the applications are compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone. Textfree Lite allows you to send only 15 SMS per day whereas Unlimited version has no limitations.

Download Textfree from the iTunes store and install it on iPod Touch or iPhone to start sending free SMS. These applications can send SMS to any US mobile number. The user interface is very simple and also supports emoticons. To send a SMS just launch Textfree and enter the phone number or choose from the contact list and insert text and push send.


TxtDrop is a web application that can send free SMS. There is no need to download or install any file on to the phone. iPhone version of this application will make it easy to use on the device. Type the following URL “http://www.txtdrop.com/iphone” in iPhone web browser. Enter you email address and the phone number of the recipient in the fields and enter your text. Tap on the submit link to send free SMS to your friend.


DrugleSender is another web based iPhone application that can send free SMS. Type this URL http://iphone.durgle.com/apps/sender/ in the phone web browser. Then type the recipient and sender’s phone number and select carrier. Type your message in the message field and tap send button to send the text message.


TextPlus is a free iPhone application which can send unlimited SMS to any US mobile numbers. The user interface is very simple and it is easy to send SMS via this application. It also supports group SMS and SMS notifications alerts. Landscape mode makes it easy to edit text messages with a large keyboard.

Text For Free

Text For Free is another free iPhone application to use for sending free SMS. It is very easy to use and can send SMS to mobile number even outside or US. Download this application from the iTunes store and install it on your device. Launch Text For Free and enter 10 digit mobile number and text in the fields given. Tap the send button to send free SMS to your friends or family. It has support for emoticons, landscape mode and many other features.

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