10+ Firefox Addons and plugins for Twitter


Firefox is most loved web browser in the world with millions of active users. Twitter is a social networking site which as gained huge popularity in a short span of time with millions of registered users. No doubt people want to combine these two great internet players in one. As Firefox is well known for customization you can install extensions and add-ons to add more functions to web browser. There are many Twitter add-ons for Firefox which enable you to perform many functions of Twitter right from Firefox web browser.

As more and more people are joining top social networking site, Twitter, programmers and web designers are constants creating new add-ons for Firefox to improve Twitter functionality. Here are some Top Firefox add-ons using which you can tweet, reply to tweets, direct messages, and tell people what you are viewing and much more. Check these cool extensions and feel the freedom and joy of Twitter in your Firefox web browser.

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TwitterBar is most loved Firefox extension for Twitter because using this extension you can tweet your message directly from the address bar. After you download and install this cool plug-in you can see a small Twitter icon by the side of address bar. Type your message in the address bar and click on the Twitter icon to post your tweet to your account. Mouseover Twitter icon will show you how many characters left as Twitter allows you to post message that is up to 140 characters long. You can also tweet URL of the page that your are viewing by simply clicking on the Icon.

power-twitterPower Twitter

Power Twitter changes the way you look at Twitter. It adds many extra features to the Twitter web interface which offers extra functionalities. Using this add-on you can view all sorts of web media like YouTube, Google Maps, TwitPic, etc., right in Twitter web interface. It also expands any shorten links so you can know which page it is actually linking to. Power Twitter can also shrink links, translate links to page titles, target search a user and photo uploading. Facebook status update is an extra function you can get by using this Firefox extension.


Echofon is formerly known as fox is a great add-on to use in Firefox. It allows you to have one click access to your Twitter account and shows you number of unread messages in the status bar. You can manage multiple accounts with this plug-in and it can also handle other simple Twitter functions like retweet, direct message. When you use Echofon Pro for iPhone it will also sync your unread tweet with iPhone.


Twitbin is a small Firefox add-on which appears in sidebar. You can manage Twitter account right from Firefox sidebar. Using this extension you can view conversations, send messages, share links of the web pages and much more.


After you have downloaded and installed TwitKit in Firefox you can see a sidebar in your web browser. It has 6 section interfaces so you can separate contents on Twitter page easily. You can view your timeline and friend’s timeline in separate tabs. Twitkit enables you to view latest tweets from your followers and friends and your account stats. You can change its appearance to suit your preferences.

twitty-tunesTwitty Tunes

If you love music and wants to share the songs and tracks that you are listening with your friends and followers then Twitty Tunes is here for you. It can also post websites that you visit and videos you watch to your Twitter account. You can assign Twitty Tunes to automatically submit songs you specify with one click.


Normal 140 character limit is not applicable if you use Twizer Firefox extension. Using this little application you can post messages longer than 140 characters to Twitter account easily. It also expands any TinyURL links to help you know you click on safe links.


Yoono is a Firefox sidebar which helps you to stay connected with all your friends across various social networking sites and instant messengers from one place. It supports Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Yahoo IM, AIM and many more. Using this simple application you can share stuff like links, videos, images, etc across all your social networking sites at once with one click. You can update you status on all networking at once hence your friends can always know what you are doing.


Instant Tweets is much similar to TweetBar. Using this application you can tweet from Firefox address bar and also share link of the page you are viewing. To tweet or share link click on the bird icon that is present by the side of address bar. It will show number of characters left as you type or shorten long URLs automatically. To share images just right click on it to tweet image link. You can also know when somebody is following you. Bird icon will turn blue when someone is following or it turns red if not.


Firendbar is both Twitter and Facebook toolbar for Firefox web browser. Using this application you can manage both great social networking accounts from one place and keep in touch with friends on both networks. It will constantly stream updates from your Facebook and Twitter account right in the browser. You can post updates, tweets, retweet, @messages, direct messages from the toolbar itself. It will automatically generate a TinyURL of the webpage you are viewing so you can share the link easily on both sites. It can post messages on both networks at once or separately.


Most of us would like to share music with our friends. Using Song.ly you can share music links with your friends on Twitter easily. If you come across a music link and want to share with your friends just right click on it and select sony.ly. Link will get shared automatically with your friends. When they click on the shared link they can listen to the song directly in their web browser.


StockTwits is a great gift to all online traders who wants updates information about the stocks they hold. You can also search and follow the stocks such that you get all the latest tweets related to the stocks that you follow.

twitter-searchTwitter Search

Twitter has millions of users tweeting about various topics. Twitter search helps you to find tweets related to a topic by searching content. By using this extension you can know what people are thinking about a topic or you can use it to simply find people on Twitter. This powerful search engine will answer all your Twitter search needs from your browser.

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