14 Best iPhone Apps [ Applicattions ]


In this post I am posting 14 Best iphone applications of this year ( 2009 ) such as- Photoshop, Tweetdeck, Skype, Tweetie, Rockband....

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This app bears almost no resemblance to the Photoshop we all know and steal love. That's fine though, because it's a serviceable photo-editing (on the iPhone, this means filters, cropping, and a few other tricks) app that is free, unlike virtually all of its competition.

Textfree Unlimited

Currently the best alternative to high SMS plan costs, offering free text messaging using Push Notification.

Our new, favorite Twitter client that takes advantage of the same layout as its desktop counterpart – multiple columns, separation of user groups, and more. (Similar: Tweetie, Twinkle, TwitterFON)

Edit Word and Excel documents on the go.

Superb quality Skype-to-Skype over WiFi using the Skype application. Finally be free of your computer and microphone to make those long distance calls. (Similar: Truphone)

Pocket God
Well done, episodic content based on a simple toy of dealing with your islanders. Fun to show off to friends and receive new updates.

Flight Control
Elegantly simple and highly addictive game. You direct various planes to different landing strips, all the while trying to avoid collisions. Updated with Bluetooth device co-op.

Beejive IM 3.0
We mentioned this on last year’s roundup, but it deems reiteration. So far, the best multi-IM service client on the iPhone, now with Push Notification. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and more.

Cell Minute Tracker
We prefer Cell Minute Tracker to AT&T’s minute tracker any day. Much simpler, easy to navigate and much faster.

Print and Share
Print files, emails, web pages, contacts, images and even snapshots direct from your camera, straight to your home printer. Simple setup and works perfectly.

Create simple databases to store information about every aspect of your life.

MotionX Drive GPS
It's not brand-new, but it's too good a value not to mention here. $3 a month, or 25 per year is amazing for a turn-by-turn nav app.

Rock Band
Another long-overdue addition to the store, Rock Band, the app, is kind of a jerk: While it was taking foreeever to show up, companies like Tapulous stepped in an made decent rhythm games to fill the void. Now that it's here, and it looks great—multiple instruments, a decent song list—it's going to poop on everyone else's party. It'll be here in a few weeks, price TBD.

Few people like Twitter as much as Matt, and Matt likes few things as much as Tweetie 2: The $3 app is described as the most polished Twitter app yet, oozing slickness with every swipe. Yet, it's exploding with new features, and still really fast.

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