10 Best Games for iPhone and ipod Touch


I am here presenting the list of Top 10 Best iPhone Games and ipod Touch. This List contain games for ipod touch and iphone. Hope you will enjoy the list . Check out the List Below

Real Racing
Standard track based racing game, but has the best graphics on an iPhone game to-date. Worth it alone to see what the iPhone is capable of.

Sims 3
Slightly watered down Sims 3, but still an excellent version on the go. Fantastic graphics and runs well.

My Brute
Create a fighter and compete in daily arena matches. Very simplistic, but highly addicting and will bring you back daily.

Mecho Wars
Advanced Wars for your iPhone and iPod Touch, enough said. Interesting art style and background story.

The first fully featured traditional 2D action RPG for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

The time sucking, simple Pachinko style casual PC game from PopCap ported to your device.

Marble Blast Mobile
Another PC game port where you roll your marble through various levels, filled with obstacles and hazards.

Do we even need to explain this one?

Merlin’s Legacy
An original IP based around two dueling wizards, battling for control across a 2D side-scrolling field. Interesting game mechanic based on spells and timing.

Assassin’s Creed
A smaller version of Assassin’s Creed on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Plays rather smoothly and provides solid entertainment.

Oregon Trail
The classic Oregon Trail, updated with fantastic graphics and animation. Will keep you entertained just like when you were in school. Try not to die of dysentery.

Rolando 2
The sequel to the popular game of rolling little Rolandos around to save the kingdom. Your hands may cramp from hours of play.

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