Top 20 Best iPhone 3D Games Reviewed [ Action, RPG, Sports, Racing ]


Today iPhone Platform has bulk of games to choose from. I`ll make your life easier, If you love 3D Games whether it is Action, RPG, Strategy, Sports, Racing, we got all of the best one reviewd it for you.

F.A.S.T. – Fleet Air Superiority Training!

This game is super cool for all the fans of flight simulator. Ofcourse it’s mobile platform don’t expect advanced controls, but this one gives u pleasant graphics and flying experience. Packed with action shooting and 10s of Mission makes this game a worth go.

Rating: 7/10

Hero Of Sparta
Hero of Sparta is one of the first Action game that brings the story of Sparta and 300 alive. The Game features alot of levels, missions and variety of weapons, powers to choose from as you gain points. The fights with monsters is truly multi-touch experience, makes you feel u are actually fighting the dragons.

Rating: 8/10

Terminator Salvation

If you love RPG on PC, this one is the best alternative on mobile. Expect PSP level graphics from this game. Terminator based on the altest movie salvation is packed with Rich grpahics. Game offers a a mission based game where you have to fulfill all the objectives one by one.

Rating: 9/10

Castle Of Magic

This is not a 3D game but I found it worth mentioning. It is a cartoon based fantasy games, looks like for kids at the first look, but dont get mistaken. It has some really good graphics and can be categorized under “good adventure games”.

Rating: 7/10

Real Soccer 2009

You loved Fifa on Pc? you will love this one equally. Expect really good grahics from this game an play soccer like Pros. The Game got Real like graphics,

among the best you can get on mobile platform.


Resident Evil: Degeneration

Based on the movie concept of Resident Evil, this games promises to give good graphics and different objectives to finish the epidemic. The audio isn’t too attractive, sometimes you are annoyed by it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Let’s Golf!

Get ready to golf with this mini character golf. Grpahics are average not as good I would expect from it, but game is fun to play conisdering that rendering is pretty fast.

Rating: 6.5/10

Real Tennis 2009

This is the best Tennis game you can get on any mobile platform. Graphics are Rich, smooth and interface is really easy to play compared to other tennis games that have appeared on iPhone.



This games flight gaming to the next level. Top gun is packed with fighter jets to choose from that lets you blast the enemy out. Most effective fighter plane games on iPhone. controls are easier than other fighter games.


Need for Speed Undercover

The app store offers dozens of racing games, but Need for Speed Undercover is the best by far. The graphics are spectacular. A perfect replacement for PSP – and the play modes are varied.

Rating: 9/10

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